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What are Top Notch Rewards?

Top Notch Rewards is a loyalty program specifically suited to meet the needs of our contractors, a reward program for professionals, those who make a living from the products and services they purchase, … and it’s free. Absolutely free, No membership fee, No maintenance fee.

Members of Top Notch earn points at participating locations based on their purchases and can redeem for rewards for the Top Notch catalogue, website or even for something down the street! Think of Top Notch as your own personal shopper.

Whether it’s a snowmobile, tickets to the big game, a vacation package or even your daughter’s wedding dress, we’ll get it for you!

For more information on how you can become a member, visit your Contractor Sales Rep at our Vernon Home Building Centre.


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Rules and Regulations

How to Become a Member

Professional customers (people who make a living with the products they buy) may apply for membership in the TOP NOTCH Rewards Program by submitting a completed application form to TOP NOTCH Rewards Central. Acceptance for membership is at the sole discretion of your Home Hardware Building Centre.

If accepted, a membership kit will be issued in the company name indicated on the application and TOP NOTCH Points will be earned by that company only, for payments to Home Hardware Building Centres or other TOP NOTCH Sponsors, on that company’s account or cash purchases by the customer.

Where the customer is other than an individual, an authorized representative must be designated to act for the customer on all matters pertaining to membership.

TOP NOTCH Rewards reserves the right to remove any Member for breach of these terms and conditions or for any other reason, at its sole discretion. In such an event, TOP NOTCH Rewards shall have the right to cancel the Member’s TOP NOTCH Points.


How the Program Works

As a TOP NOTCH Rewards Member, each time you make a payment against your account, you qualify for TOP NOTCH Points which may be used to purchase rewards listed in the catalogue. The catalogue describes the items and prices (in TOP NOTCH Points) which include all taxes, handling and delivery to your local participating Home Hardware Building Centre.

You will earn TOP NOTCH Points on the basis of 1 Point for each $20.00 payment (net of refunds and all taxes).

TOP NOTCH Points are not earned for payments made using a credit card or which do not comply with Home Hardware or other TOP NOTCH Sponsor’s payment terms; for example, late payments or payments for which an N.S.F. cheque was tendered.

Participants may register at more than one participating Home Hardware Building Centre, and earn TOP NOTCH Points for payments at each Home Hardware Building Centre. Active Club Members will receive an Activity Report each month that shows payments, TOP NOTCH Point earnings for the month, reward purchases and the current balance of TOP

NOTCH Points. Also, from time to time Home Hardware or other Sponsors, may include the Member in other mailings. TOP NOTCH Points are not equivalent to Canadian dollars, are non- transferable, have no cash surrender value and cannot be used as a credit against outstanding account balances.

If a TOP NOTCH Rewards Member does not accumulate any TOP NOTCH Points for a period of one year, the membership will be terminated and the Members’ TOP NOTCH Points become null and void. The TOP NOTCH program will continue until further notice. In the event that the program is discontinued, six months notice will be given.


How to Order a TOP NOTCH Reward

Use the Order Form on the back of your monthly Activity Report. Please complete the form indicating the TOP NOTCH catalogue number, the product description and the price in TOP NOTCH Points for the reward(s) you select.

Sign the form and fax or mail a copy to TOP NOTCH Rewards Central. The fax number and the address are shown on the Order Form.

Your account will be debited the appropriate TOP NOTCH Points. OR order online using the online catalogue system. It’s quick, simple and shows a larger variety of rewards available to you. See the section “Online Ordering” below for more details.

If you have any questions regarding ordering or product specifications, please use the toll-free TOP NOTCH Rewards Central Hotline 1-800-468-8116.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


Online Ordering

A Member can redeem for rewards in the Catalogue Section of the TOP NOTCH Rewards Website.

Once a Member clicks Check Out in the Shopping Cart Check Out page of the TOP NOTCH Rewards Website, an email will be sent to the TOP NOTCH Rewards, requesting the item(s) and the TOP NOTCH Rewards administration will debit the appropriate amount of TOP NOTCH Points from the Member’s account.

Due to the secure nature of this site, any rewards ordered online through the TOP NOTCH Rewards website will be considered valid.


How to convert TOP NOTCH Points to Aeroplan Miles

TOP NOTCH Points can be converted to Aeroplan® Miles. Collect 10 Aeroplan Miles per 1 Top Notch Reward point converted.

To convert, or to learn more, call 1-800-468-8116.

Not an Aeroplan Member? No problem. Simply CLICK HERE or visit your local Home store, pick up an Enrollment Kit, including an Aeroplan Reward Card, then follow the instructions to register your information. You can start collecting Aeroplan Miles immediately!

® Aeroplan is a registered trademark of Aeroplan Canada Inc.

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Website Access

Each TOP NOTCH Rewards Member has a unique Membership Number and must to gain entry to the website, must create a Password. You must enter this information each time you access this website in order to view your personal TOP NOTCH Account information. Do not give out your Password at any time.


Product Pricing and Availability

TOP NOTCH Rewards is committed to offering the best product quality and the most current model selection available. However, since some models and prices change frequently, some rewards may vary in price or model from those shown in the catalogue.

If there is a problem with availability, or if the prices have changed, from what is shown in the catalogue, you will be advised within 72 hours of ordering.

If you have any questions, please call TOP NOTCH Rewards Central Hotline 1-800-468-8116.


Returns Policy

Only defective merchandise, or merchandise damaged in shipping, will be accepted for exchange if TOP NOTCH Rewards Central is notified within 48 hours of receipt. Merchandise must be packed in its original box and be accompanied by all original packing slips.

Please use the toll-free TOP NOTCH Rewards Central Hotline  • 1-800-468-8116 if you have any questions.


Merchandise Warranty

All rewards are covered by the original manufacturer’s product warranty. Keep your packing slip to confirm receipt for insurance purposes.

Ensure that all warranty registrations received with your rewards are completed and returned to the manufacturer and that the manufacturer’s recommended warranty procedures are adhered to.

Other documents received with the merchandise should be retained for future reference.

TOP NOTCH Rewards does not assume any liability for injury or damage to persons or property in any way attributable to the products rewarded. TOP NOTCH Rewards reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of membership without notice.


TOP NOTCH Hotline Contact Numbers
Toll Free: 1-800-468-8116
Fax line: 1-800-406-3881
email: info@topnotchrewards.ca